An exciting growth story of friends who dream of becoming CABEON masters

After a time of peaceful coexistence, the planet is threatened by the appearance of the Black Dane, who intends to conquer the globe by turning CABEON black. However, masters who can speak with and manage CABEON arrive and battle against the Black Team, prompting humanity to establish a CABEON training academy.


It is a story that takes place in a world where humans and Cabion, a mysterious creature that transforms from cards to monsters, coexist.


In a world where enigmatic beings, known as CABEONs

transform from cards into creatures and coexist with humans, the story follows Woo- Ju and his CABEON, Kuri. Countless light energies rain down, creating extraordinary beings called ‘CABEONs,’ gifted with superhuman abilities from mergin g with plants and animals.

These creatures maintain harmonious connections with humans but sometimes become Dark CABEONs, causing issues.

Recognizing the need for Masters who can communicate with and control CABEONs to avert chaos, the CABEON Academy is established for training. A cou ntry boy with dreams of becoming a Master, WooJu, enrolls at the Academy along with his CABEON, Kuri. Through various missions and battles alongside fri ends, he embarks on a growth journey, ultimately evolving into the mightiest CABEON Master.

main characters


10 years old | boy

He is the owner of a bright and positive personality that does not lose kindness. He has a cool and daring style of thinking and acting, and he pushes hard with a strong determination. He has a strong sense of adventure.


10 years old | girl

The original personality is choleric and emotional, but she maintains a calm state through meditation. She is an honest and brave girl.


10 years old | boy

He is knowledgeable but weak in practical situations. He tells a lot to the Woo Ju, but in a crisis, he relies on the help of Woo Ju.


10 years old | boy

He has great pride in his own abilities. He is self-centered and will not hesitate to use any means necessary to achieve his goals.

Main Characters


The Limitless Power of CABEON

This comical character is typically portrayed as silly and lazy. He is not fully aware of his own strength. However, as he continue to take on challenges and battles, he awaken new abilities and surpass their limits

Main Characters


Powerful energy and charisma

Cabeon, the rival of Kuri. He has strong loyalty to Elliot and carry out his orders, even if it is excessive and dangerous, without hesitation.

Main Characters


Cute and adorable Munchkin

She is cute and full of charms. She gets whatever she wants using her ultimate cuteness, and is an uncontrollable and chaotic Cabeon

Main Characters

Turtle Tang

Slow but steady tanker

He acts slowly in everything he does. Since he is always ranked low, he gets teased, but he remembers everything and sometimes takes timid revenge

Every season, episode unfolds,

a captivating charismatic and enchanting Cabeons, each brimming with their own unique personality!

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